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Starr Baller




  • Goalie guards your shots

  • High score system

  • Swipe controls

Technical Highlights:

  • Trajectory Prediction using Physics Simulation

  • Root motion animation that is responsive to Trajectory Prediction

  • Dynamic screen resolution matching for mobile

  • Highly decoupled event-driven architecture

Trajectory Prediction
Planning Gameplay

I aimed to make a game that would have simple gameplay with a similar win/lose environment to Crossy Road or Flappy Bird, where the player’s goal would be to get as many points as possible before making a mistake.

To do that, the off-screen limits of the game gets you closer and closer to losing as you miss more and more soccer balls, and hitting the goalie instantly ends the game..

Receiving Feedback

I use a tap-to-play system that adds force to the ball based on where the played touches, but 

based on player feedback, I'll be implementing a swipe mechanic since that's what players typically default to when they start playing Starr Baller.

Scaling In-Game Objects to Match Screen Sizes

The ball spawner moved on the x-axis, which is calculated using a proportional equation to have the axis position adjusted using a Scale Factor and the screen's width.

The Result
Samsung Galaxy S9 (2960 x 1440 px)
Apple iPad Pro 12 (2742 x 2048 px)
Ball spawner is moved off of the wider screen of the iPad.


Screen Size and Game Mechanics
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